15 Ways to Ease into Fall

15 Ways to Ease into Fall

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Fall officially began last weekend. Depending on where you live, however, you might not even have noticed with the sweltering temperatures and sticky humidity of the last of summer. For us, there is a slight coolness in the mornings and we see subtle shades of amber slowly encroaching on the leaves as they begin to droop.


A Danish concept for the cozy feeling of warmth, comfort, and joy that is derived from simple experiences and moments spent with family and friends.

Adapted from The Cambridge English Dictionary

Hygee captures the quiet mornings spent with a cup of coffee, slow, home-cooked meals, and effortless conversations. To spend your time on simplicity is to be away from the busy. This should go without saying, but we often find ourselves stuck in the culture of busyness.

What’s in a season?

We run from one place to another so distracted that spring turns into summer, summer to fall, and then into winter…And then, we are surprised when an entire year flies by before we can catch a breath.

Perhaps we can learn to step away from the fast-paced day-to-day and embrace the concept of hygge. Slow down and relish in this season, enjoy the moments spent with ones you love, and ease into fall so that you live in each season as it passes.

1. Simplify your closet

Donate or sell what you don’t wear. Re-arrange everything else so that you have easy access to your most worn items and fall wardrobe. This helps to create an organized system that streamlines your mornings and puts you in a mindset to welcome a new season.

2. Switch on the slow cooker

It might take a little extra planning than grabbing take out, but throwing a meal together in a slow cooker is not only more affordable, but also greets you with the delicious aroma of dinner as you walk in the door from a long day at work.

3. Light some candles

I tend to stock up on Bath & Body Works Candles during the semi-annual sales (with coupons!) so we have options when fall rolls around. Light some candles, grab a blanket, and get settled in for a cozy evening.

4. Explore the great outdoors

Take a morning walk to enjoy the brisk air or hike mountainside trails for a new perspective. If you’re craving more adventure, set aside a long weekend for some good ‘ol camping.

5. Set the mood

Bring the outdoors in and decorate with pine cones or branches. Better yet, get in the DIY spirit and create some wreaths for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just autumn in general!

6. Check out the library

Peruse the shelves and check out some good reads for a day at the park. The library is also a great resource for information about free community events.

7. Bake some cookies

Wind down with your very own bake-a-thon. Spread the yumminess amongst your friends and family or indulge yourself!

8. Get your financial house in order

Keep a watchful eye on your finances so you aren’t surprised when the holidays come around. Track your summer spending and stay on top of your bills to ensure you stay on budget through the new year.

9. Host a pot luck

Invite your favorite people and share in food and conversation.

10. Hit the road

Grab your keys and cruise the streets until you get the best views of changing leaves. A little road trip can liven up a dull day.

11. Disconnect

Whether you’re with your friends or you’re home alone, make it a point to set aside your phones and spend some time without the distraction of social media, selfies, or television.

12. Create a cozy nook

Retreat to your own cozy space complete with a comfy pillow and blanket. Whether you’re seated next to your favorite window or by the fireplace, having your own area to shut off the world around you helps to establish a calming atmosphere.

13. Experiment with different teas

With the change of seasons come new flavors – experiment with different fall teas. Delectably warm with infused spices of ginger, cinnamon, and pumpkin, the range of fall flavored teas offer a burst of tasty options with a range of sweet apples to spicy cardamom. Sit back and indulge.

14. Give thanks

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s a nice reminder to continue to be grateful for the little things. Create a gratitude list and write down one thing each day that you are thankful for.

15. Layer up

Once the weather turns cool, be sure to create layers to stay warm and comfortable. Your clothing should be versatile enough to keep up with you during the day and your bed should be your very own oasis. Invest in great sheets and pile on the cozy layers for extra warmth at night. Personally, I freeze at night…so while Brian might only sleep with ONE sheet, I find myself bundled up with FIVE layers!

Don’t let this season, let alone the entire year, fly by. Live your moments. Ease into your days and move forward with intention. Watch the falling leaves, enjoy a cup of tea, and immerse yourself in food and conversation with the ones you love.

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