3 Unexpected Ways Minimalism Has Transformed My Lifestyle

3 Unexpected Ways Minimalism Has Transformed My Lifestyle

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Although I first adopted minimalism out of necessity, it has since become a lifestyle that has improved every aspect of my life. It’s a natural expectation that minimalism would result in less wasteful spending and fewer possessions. Yet, I didn’t anticipate that I would experience such a balancing sense of overall freedom and clarity. It’s changed how I navigate my day-to-day, plan for the future, and interact with others, helping me focus on what truly matters.

Minimalism may not resonate with everyone, especially those who value consumerism and material possessions. However, if you struggle with feeling overwhelmed by excess and external noise, I recommend exploring ways to simplify your daily habits to experience the freedom that comes with minimalism.

The Surprising Impact of Minimalism

I initially embraced minimalism and leveraged my resourcefulness to ensure I could take care of myself. That’s all there is to it. I was a headstrong kid with a chip on my shoulder, determined to make money, save money, and buy my own place. It was 2009 when I bought my first property, and I had just witnessed the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. The aftermath of the 2008 and 2009 Great Recession saw countless Americans unemployed, homeless, and in economic distress. It seriously scared me. So I took action and embraced minimalism to save as much money as I could to pay off my mortgage.

Since then, it’s become an inherent part of my life, in spite of facing perpetual ads to consume and moments of past indulgence. Ultimately, minimalism teaches me to value meaningful connection and mindful consumption. While this is no surprise, I am, however, pleasantly surprised at how it specifically impacts my life.

Cleaning is more relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s true; I love to clean. As a minimalist, I love it even more since Brian and I don’t own a whole ton of stuff. Cleaning isn’t some cumbersome chore that requires days upon days for a serious, deep clean. I simply crank up some tunes, move around the furniture, and get into a rhythm. Because we don’t own a lot, I can move things around to deep clean without much fuss. Moreover, I appreciate the time spent cleaning our belongings, as it allows me to intentionally recognize and be thankful for them.

It’s genuinely fun and fulfilling to take care of the things one chooses to own and look after.

I have discovered newfound hobbies and interests.

As a result of being more intentional with how I spend my time, I have simplified my daily routine and reduced unnecessary distractions. This has allowed me to discover new avenues that bring me joy.

I’ve never felt more alive and electric than when I swung a hammer into our shower tile. Prior to our master bathroom renovation, I had no idea that I would love DIY home improvement projects as much as I do. Granted, the money saved from DIY renovations is a massive bonus, but the fact remains that I find joy in working with my hands.

Both Brian and I have a lot of fun repairing and working on DIY projects together, which is a really rewarding way for us to learn new skills and spend time together.

Minimalism has also led me to:

  • Appreciate and learn more about vintage craftsmanship.
  • Delve into mid-century modern architecture and design.
  • Spend more time utilizing the library’s free resources.
  • Maintain and attempt to repair before resorting to replacement.
  • Check out various hiking trails.
  • Commit to a daily fitness routine.
  • Learn how to cook new cuisines.
  • Explore free cultural events in my community.

I adjusted our budget and reallocated funds from travel to home improvement.

I design budgets to pivot along with life’s changes. It is important to me to have flexibility and freedom in my choices so that I can make decisions that align with my values and goals. As minimalism has become more ingrained in me, I realize that I am currently more drawn to home improvement projects than I am to popular tourist destinations. Besides, Brian and I have learned that we value traveling off-season so much more than during peak times. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also less pricey! Because of this shift in our travel habits, I have adjusted our travel sinking fund by reallocating money to our home improvement fund. Though I didn’t see this particular reallocation coming, I’m curious to see where this change continues to take us!

Peace and Happiness

Minimalism has improved my overall well-being. Though the immediate benefits of less clutter and more money are tangible and satisfying, it is the freedom and peace of mind that really make a difference in my day-to-day. You might think that being in a constant state of awareness and intention would be tiring, but honestly, it’s just the opposite. I feel empowered and encouraged to seek out smart investments, new experiences, and healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Have you explored minimalism? If so, in what ways has it transformed your life?

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