52 Experiences Check-In: Q1 2024

52 Experiences Check-In: Q1 2024

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If it were not for organized notes throughout my handy-dandy planner or casual cataloging in brief snapshots and text messages, I would have thought someone pressed fast-forward on the last three months. A quick reflection sees Q1 2024 as a flurry of coexisting movements and thoughts.

It’s only when I pause the perpetual flow of daily life that I can fully realize and appreciate individual details. Though it’s true that it’s been a busy quarter, it wasn’t without purposeful instances of downtime. As I look back on the moments that carried us from one month to the next, I can definitively say that those quiet moments were very much appreciated!

Q1 2024

Brian and I began the year by easing into the final stage of our deck project. After a brief hiatus during the holidays, it was time to wrap up this months-long adventure. Between breaking a sweat, tackling a few projects around the house, and traveling across the country, the last few months have been both tiring and rewarding.



1. Tour mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs, CA

We made it to Palm Springs! This desert oasis is brimming with retro treasures that I’ve had my eye on exploring for years! Palm Springs was once “Hollywood’s Playground” and is known for its mid-century modern architecture and art scene.

Official interior tours of mid-century modern homes were a little too steep for us, at $350-$500 per couple. Instead, we opted to follow a free, self-guided exterior tour that allowed us to enjoy sightseeing and walking around on our own schedule. Honestly, if Brian and I had more time, we would have popped into a few open-houses around the area! It’s a great way to check interiors under the radar. 😉

Maybe one day the interior tour price tag won’t sting as much, and we can try one out in the future!

Though our Palm Springs adventure was short-lived, we had a great time. We both loved seeing architect Charles DuBois’ Swiss Miss-style homes, which are A-frame style homes created to resemble Swiss chalets. Brian and I hadn’t seen this design before and found it to be really unique.

In addition to the self-guided architecture tour, we also got the opportunity to explore the Palm Springs Vintage Market, an outdoor market that is held on the first Sunday of the month from October to May. It was the largest market for vintage and retro finds that we’ve attended. With space for up to 100 vendors, there were tons of curated items to peruse.


2. Attend a webinar on tax-efficient investing

In January, Brian and I sat in on a Tax-Free Retirement Planning webinar. I am 95% sure it was geared towards the 50+ age group, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get any value out of it. Even though we’re young and should be taking advantage of some risk in our portfolios (with time on our side!), I think there’s a lot of value in learning about tax efficiency for now and for later. With that being said, I will be keeping an eye out for more learning opportunities in the future.


3. Walk more outside

A 5-mile walk on New Year’s Day cemented my excitement and pursuit of more walks outside. I’ve always loved the freedom of walking city streets while traveling, so why not enjoy it at home? Whether Brian and I choose to walk the neighborhood, hit the state parks, or even hike a new trail, we are loving the time outside.

4. Enjoy more naps

Man, oh man—naps are a serious treat. I am proud to say we are checking this bad boy off the list! Neither one of us was a big napper, but we’ve decided to give it a go and are big converts. A nap can turn a frown upside down, right a wrong, and fill an empty cup!

Unfortunately, our nap frequency has dwindled since February, but we plan on adding them back into our routines. Sometimes, a little shut-eye is the best kind of medicine.

5. Accomplish a 30-Day hydration challenge

Success! It has taken me a couple of years to train myself out of bad habits and into healthier ones. Now, I remember to hydrate, eat, and take breaks during the day! For 30 days, I made sure I ingested at least 72 ounces of water per day. I tracked my progress pretty well for the first week and a half, but then I realized that I naturally started to seek out this amount, if not more.

The 30-Day hydration challenge wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I’m happy to share that I actually feel healthy and much better hydrated than I’ve been in the past!

6. Complete the P90X3 Classic Workout Schedule

Another P90X program is complete! This was the first time that Brian and I worked through the P90X3 series, as we have only worked out with the original P90X program. P90X3, a condensed version of the original program, features intense 30-minute workouts.

While we appreciate the shorter duration of these exercises, Brian and I found ourselves missing the strength training and duration of the original workouts. We are excited to return to the original P90X program while adding in some P90X3 workouts to the schedule!

7. Have “nothing to do” days

Brian and I are making “nothing to do” days a priority. There’s no sense in burning ourselves out because of some imaginary, self-appointed deadline, right? Scheduling downtime is as important as changing out an air filter, making a doctor’s appointment, or meeting a work deadline.

“Nothing to do” days are necessary to quiet the mind. This past quarter, we purposefully set aside four days to do nothing. While that might not seem like a lot to some, it’s a massive change for us. As a result, Brian and I have felt more present, rested, and easy-going. We’re looking forward to scheduling many more “nothing to do” days.


8. Hang outdoor lights on our deck

Check! We decided not to fuss with overhead string lights for our deck. I find that they get dirty more easily and are more difficult to maintain and clean. Instead, we attached them along the perimeter of our railings for a clean look and accessible design.

Outdoor Deck Lighting


9. Plan more alcohol-free social activities

We have some more alcohol-free activities up our sleeve for the year, but we have so far experienced a hiking adventure, an escape room, and a coffee hang with our friends. We have some hikes planned in the future, along with board games, thrifting, and more.

10. Hike with a friend

I am so thrilled that Brian and I were able to do this, especially so early in the year. It was such a fun experience, and we can’t wait to go hiking again.

Q1 2024 Wrap-Up

Can you believe it’s already April? Or that it’s 2024? Seriously, where does the time go?! If you’re questioning how quickly time is moving like I am, it might be a good idea to pencil in time to slow down.

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that the world is constantly moving. Life doesn’t stop, which is why it’s important to take the time to stop and rest every once in a while. If not, there’s a chance that you could miss out on the beautiful things in front of you.

Despite the constant movement of Q1 2024, I’m so glad that Brian and I carved out time to stand still. The random naps, do-nothing days, and time spent outside were some of our favorite moments this quarter!

What were some of your favorite highlights of the last few months?

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