52 Experiences Check-In: Q2 2024

52 Experiences Check-In: Q2 2024

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Q2 2024 felt much quieter than the first, which is probably attributed to the fact that Brian and I mostly single-tasked our way through the past few months. I think we just might be getting the hang of this mindfulness thing. While it’s at the forefront of my mind most days, it can be a tad tricky for both of us to be on the same page at times. Luckily, this quarter brought us simplified moments of easy-going solitude, togetherness, and connection.

Q2 2024

Brian and I were pretty successful at balancing our to-dos and would-like-tos during our free time. While our travels slowed down a bit, we did start off Q2 2024 with an impromptu road trip to Wisconsin. Though it was short and sweet, we had a great time! We were happy to be back home, content with a quick adventure, and ready to get into our normal routines. Even in a deliberately quiet quarter, we were excited to dive into our list of 52 Experiences. Over the last three months, Brian and I largely explored our community and spent some quality time with family and friends.


1. Scope out classic rides at a car show

Speaking of impromptu, we headed to a local air show that also included a small car show. The event commemorated the 80th anniversary of D-Day. While we anticipated vintage planes and military aircraft, the classic cars were a nice surprise!

Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to check out a larger classic car show later this year. Brian and I used to attend car shows pretty regularly, though it’s been a long time since we’ve been to see classic cars. They don’t make ’em like they used to!


2. Incorporate nature therapy

Ever since Brian and I rebuilt our deck, we’ve become more and more inclined to spend our free time outdoors. From outdoor events and scenic hikes to teaming up on yard work, projects, and more, we’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent outside together. It allows us to soak up some vitamin D, take in fresh air, and add extra movement to our day.

The second quarter of the year saw us go on rainy walks through the Midwest, visit several outdoor markets, and take on a couple of DIY projects. While we focused on being present in our tasks, we were also careful to remain present where we were—in nature. It wasn’t lost on us that we were fortunate to spend time outdoors rather than be cooped up inside.

Sure, sometimes it was uncomfortable, like when we were elbow-deep in learning how to fix two oil leaks in my car (for the first time ever!). We worked in the shade, though we could abso-lutely feel the heat! All in all, what should have been a day or two worth of work for a couple of newbie mechanics turned into two weeks.

This super-fun delay was caused by a few things, one of which was a massively overtightened bolt on my VTEC solenoid. The previous owner’s mechanic did a number on it! It took us one week to finally get that sucker out. After examining it, we discovered that whoever had tightened it had actually cracked and damaged the solenoid. So, Brian and I headed out on a little date to the junkyard to find a new-to-me part. It. Was. A. Blast! We spent our time outside in the scorching sun, but we loved the treasure hunt.

Of course, in the midst of this journey, we managed to break a few things in my car. After a stud/bolt snapped in my engine block, it was time to call in reinforcements—and by that, I mean Dad.

After learning from Dad and working with him on my car for 3 days straight, I have learned more than just how to replace a valve cover gasket and the gasket of a VTEC solenoid. We autopsied my car together, and I learned how to remove and reinstall cam shafts, replace the timing chain on a dual cam, do a valve adjustment, and so much more. It was a beast of a project, especially for me since I was just trying to learn how to fix an oil leak. There was so much more to learn. So, thank you, Dad! It was a tough but fun experience. You’re a great teacher 😁

Needless to say, this wasn’t the last project we’ll do outdoors. Whatever else we end up doing, we’ll always be grateful for fresh air, even if it’s mixed with a little motor oil.

3. Work towards standing 50% of the work day

Check! Now that Brian has a standing desk, he has gotten used to standing at least 80% of the day! Since he’s been completing the P90X workouts and has changed his diet, he’s not certain he can say that he notices specific changes due to standing versus sitting most of the day. However, he is hopeful that standing is improving his circulation and strengthening his legs.


4. Seal up our bedroom return vent

Hooray! We finally sealed up the last return vent that had been on our list for over a year. It feels great knowing that it’s done and taken care of, especially since it was an unnecessary eyesore. Luckily, we had extra drywall, mud, and paint from previous projects. It only cost us a Saturday afternoon!


5. Stroll an artisan market

Brian and I have explored a handful of art collectives and craft markets over the last few months. It’s a fun and interactive way to appreciate local craftsmanship and shop for one-of-a-kind, handmade items that we’re not able to find anywhere else.

6. Participate in 5 community events

It’s been a real joy to connect with our neighbors and our community. We moved into town just a few months shy of COVID, which shifted our priorities and added a whole bunch of complications. Thankfully, there’s been much to discover around us as the world eases into a different rhythm. Though our excursions have changed from restaurant-hopping indulgences to more low-key adventures, Brian and I have discovered plenty to experience together. In Q2 2024, we checked out a(n):

  • ‘Good Vibes’ community live performance event.
  • Multi-day international night market.
  • Community multicultural festival.
  • Local art festival.
  • Outdoor jazz concert.
  • Air show.

All of these events were free to attend and brought together a diverse turnout. We’ve had so much fun exploring our area and can’t wait to see what else we stumble onto!


7. Organize just-because meals and get-togethers

Life gets busy. Between work schedules, kids, daily to-dos, and more, getting together with friends and family can sometimes fall by the wayside. So many fall into the habit of “keeping up” or “checking in” on social media, but that’s something I don’t believe in, much less have! We value staying in touch and visiting with those we love, both in person and via video chat when they’re halfway around the world.

We’ve successfully gotten together with friends and family for random Tuesday dinners, pre-planned weekend events, and more.

Q2 2024 Wrap-Up

Spring has come and gone, and with it a quiet yet eventful series of unrepeatable moments. Ichigo ichie is a Japanese phrase roughly meaning “one time, one meeting” and “once in a lifetime.” The concept of ichigo ichie emphasizes the importance of being in the present moment, as each moment is special and unique and can never be replicated. We are ever-evolving, and as such, our exact thoughts, perspectives, and interactions with people and our surroundings will never be exactly the same in any future moment.

I think that’s a powerful reminder to be present in our daily lives, finding joy in our ordinary routines. In light of the last three months, I’ve appreciated new lessons, shared experiences, and unrepeatable moments.

With that being said, I look forward to a new season comprised of new, unrepeatable moments. Here’s to summer and the joy of celebrating each moment as it comes! We hope you have a great summer.

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