52 Experiences in 52 Weeks: 2024 Edition

52 Experiences in 52 Weeks: 2024 Edition

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Happy 2024 to all of you! Brian and I hope you enjoyed a restful holiday season. We spent ours mostly in peace and quiet. It was perfect. The days leading up to New Year’s Eve were marked with soulful rest and anticipation for adventure. We kicked off 2024 with an early morning cycle and walk around the neighborhood as we chatted about the 52 experiences we hope to share this year.

52 Weeks

With the start of a new year, there are fifty-two weeks of unwritten pages to fill with moments, memories, and experiences. The future is a blank slate, ready to be shaped by intention and action. And so here we are—beginning a new year with bite-sized, specific intentions.

Brian and I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for us. Though we carried over a few unexplored experiences from 2023, we’re excited for the opportunity to try to dive into them again.

52 Experiences

Here’s the complete list of the 52 experiences we plan to explore in 2024:


1. Take a genuine vacation

2. Wander through a cave

3. Hop on a train

4. Venture to New Mexico

5. Soak in a hot spring

6. Tour mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs, CA

7. Visit a random, obscure museum

8. Head up north to spend a weekend hiking through fall foliage

9. Cozy up overnight in a quiet and secluded cabin


10. Learn more about real estate investing

11. Take advantage of free access to Morningstar for investment research

12. Attend a webinar on tax-efficient investing

13. Create an inventory log of home and personal property for insurance purposes


14. Share some laughs at a comedy show

15. Check out an improv show

16. Scope out classic rides at a car show

17. Attend a live theater performance

18. Jam out to some tunes at no fewer than 4 concerts


19. Read a new book series

20. Start learning a new foreign language together

21. Become versed in a programming language

22. Brush up on my Italian


23. Walk more outside

24. Incorporate nature therapy

25. Enjoy more naps

26. Keep a blood pressure log

27. Accomplish a 30-Day hydration challenge

28. Work towards standing 50% of the work day

29. Complete the P90X3 Classic Workout Schedule

30. Get 8 hours or more of solid sleep each night for at least 2 consecutive weeks

31. Have “nothing to do” days

32. Journal stream-of-consciousness style before bed

33. Limit screen time before sleep


34. Fix shiplap board installation

35. Indulge in a staycation

36. Start a garden

37. Hang outdoor lights on our deck

38. Have a picnic on our deck

39. Seal up our bedroom return vent

40. Repair basement drywall


41. Explore more library events

42. Listen to local musicians in small venues

43. Stroll an artisan market

44. Participate in 5 community events

45. Check out a local art exhibit

46. Stop and smell the roses at the local botanical garden


47. Host a potluck

48. Support friends’ creative endeavors

49. Organize just-because meals and get-togethers

50. Plan more alcohol-free social activities

51. Hike with a friend

52. Discover new music and create personal playlists

Create experiences and make a change.

Embracing the Specific

Instead of aiming for general goals, Brian and I find that defining specific objectives significantly increases our motivation. Don’t get me wrong—general goals are great. In fact, it’s healthy to keep a running list of practical to-dos and dreamy aspirations. We realized, though, that we weren’t necessarily energized with determined purpose or anticipation by a list that references “more travel” or “better rest.” Such generic ambitions are tough to measure, let alone realize, in the way we ultimately envision them.

Embracing the specific continues to help us reframe our general goals into achievable moments. We’re grateful for a new year and can’t wait to jump into new experiences!

Do you have any specific experiences planned for this year that you’d like to share?

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