Accountability Checklists and Goals

Accountability Through Checklists and Goals

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I spend my days checking things off in my mind.  As an introvert, I have a tendency to live inside my head – examining, pre-planning, planning, creating solutions for outcomes that may never be…Check, Check, Check.  My mental checklist prepares me for my day and keeps me focused and energized for what’s to come.  It creates accountability and pushes me to stay motivated to reach my goals.  While I have mellowed out a bit, thanks to Brian and a handful of life experiences, I am an innate planner.

With March coming to a close, my mind has shifted to what I would like to accomplish in April.  Although, who am I kidding – my mind has already moved beyond April and is thinking about next year!  Oy vey.  For the purpose of simplicity (and so I don’t bore anyone), I’ll refrain from oversharing all of the goals swimming around in my head.

April 2018 Goals

  • Max out my IRA:

    I have steadily been contributing to my IRA since January.  In April, I will submit my last contribution for 2018!

  • Deposit 25% of my income to savings:

    We have an end-of-year goal for our joint savings account. Adding to it on a month-to-month basis helps us achieve this goal.

  • Read one book:

    I used to read ALL OF THE TIME. Due to work overload and life in general, I sadly haven’t been able to read much lately. Luckily, I have an amazing stack of books that I can’t wait to dive into.  I am going to read at least one book next month.

  • Go on 3 four mile hikes:

    Hiking is a major de-stressor for us. We plan to hike at least four miles for each hike on 3 separate occasions.  We are traveling to Colorado in April and are looking forward to hitting the trails.

  • Write more:

    I am going to write more. Not type…but actually write by hand.  In the past, a good bit of my off time was spent journaling, writing poetry, or scribbling half-formed thoughts on napkins.  My goal is to journal at least twice a week.  I am also going to write a friend a letter and send it off via snail mail.  Writing letters is a lost art.

  • Spend time on our deck:

    Brian and I just repaired and re-painted our deck. We also strung up outdoor lights, added an oversized umbrella, and upgraded our patio cushions.  I am looking forward to spending time out there – soaking up a little Vitamin D, listening to the birds, and even journaling some.  Writing outdoors has always been one of my favorite things to do.

What do you plan to accomplish in April?

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