April 2019 Goals

Revisiting March and Setting April Goals

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Well…March was a blur. Between long days at work and long nights with friends, we ran ourselves absolutely ragged. Brian and I jumped into March with the best intentions – we aimed to maintain our health kick, catch up on some R&R, and enjoy some all-around down time. Unfortunately, none of that happened.

We strayed away from our healthy habits. Alcohol inched back into our nights little by little. Understaffed with too much to do, our jobs kept us glued to our laptops with not much free time for exercise. It seemed as though we booked any free nights we had to socialize with friends. March was an absolute drain on any healthy progress we reached in February…Here’s looking forward to more chances to better ourselves in April.

Revisiting March 2019 Goals

  • Visit the landfill Pass

    We actually managed to knock this one off the list. Granted, it was the very last day of the month that we were able to schlep our way to the landfill, but we did it!

  • Practice Yoga Fail

    I sadly did not do a single pose.

  • Brian will open a brokerage account Fail

    While Brian has researched and narrowed down which brokerage firm he would like to work with, he has not yet pulled the trigger on opening an account.

  • Research and diversify my portfolio Fail

    I am still in the midst of researching different stocks and companies and haven’t purchased anything just yet since the market is running a little higher than I would prefer. The goal is to buy low, sell high!

  • Bike twice a week Fail

    Well, biking was a major fail. I managed to bike once for 30 minutes this entire month.

April 2019 Goals

  • Brian will open a brokerage account:

    Luckily, Brian’s Synchrony CD will hit its maturity date this April. He will fund his new brokerage account with a portion of these funds.

  • Limit our social outings:

    We love our friends, but we are going to have to take a step back from going out. Our wallets and sleep patterns will thank us. Unfortunately, late nights are not sustainable for us anymore!

  • Complete a house project:

    Spring time motivates us to ‘clean house’. Whether a total purge, fresh coat of paint, or new flooring, we enjoy doing a little something for the house (and for us)!

  • Catch up on sleep:

    This is a MUST – we haven’t slept well the past two months. We need to figure out the best way to feel rested and ready for sleep. Perhaps we will get back into reading, have a little tea, maybe some journaling? Do you have any suggestions for a better night’s rest?

  • Get outdoors:

    I believe we have seen the last of 30 degree weather! This April, we are going to hit the pavement and enjoy some walks, hikes, and maybe even an outdoor event. It’s time to enjoy some sunshine.

Okay, April – we are sending you good vibes! With some careful planning, Brian and I hope to step back into our healthy eating, limit our drinking, and finally get some rest. What do you guys have planned this month?

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