August 2018 Goals

Revisiting July and Setting August Goals

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The heat is up and traffic is starting to build! It’s August and school is back in session where we live. Our early morning commutes are starting to see big yellow buses and kids en route. Thankfully, Brian and I work remotely part of the work week, which allows us to enjoy a nice, quiet morning without the rush of traffic! Woot woot!

July was a great month for us. We started off with an extended vacation and spent quality with lots of family and friends. Brian and I woke up early each day, savored our morning coffee, and hit the pool before the crowds. We made it a point to do things we wanted to do, when we wanted to do them, and appreciate the simplicity in easy-going days. Work was still a little stressful this month, but we focused on making the most out of our down time by catching up with friends, trying new restaurants, and winding down our evenings with a good book or two.

Revisiting July 2018 Goals

  • Create a pseudo-itinerary for Yellowstone  Pass

    Brian and I took a couple of days this month to nail down a loose itinerary for our trip. We can’t believe we are leaving in a couple of weeks!

  • Get more sleep Pass

    Instead of my 4:30 wake up time, I allowed myself to sleep in until 5-5:30AM some mornings. Sleeping in, in addition to a nap here and there, helped me feel more rested. I also forced myself to stop checking work after-hours and right away in the mornings.

  • Spend time on our couch  Pass

    We spent some days working on our couch and also managed to squeeze in a couple of movie nights. We love how comfortable it is!

  • Get rid of our chaise  FAIL

    Brian and I were hoping to consign our chaise, but the approval process takes a while and then the consignment shop ends up taking 50% off the price before you are paid. We nixed this idea and are going to donate it instead.

  • Read before bed  Pass

    Reading before bed has been a welcome distraction from the work day. Without the sound and brightness of the TV, we have been able to prepare for sleep better, which has allowed for us to sleep more. I found myself looking forward to reading every night, so much so that I read through 7 books last month!

August 2018 Goals

  • Get rid of our chaise:

    We are really going to do it this time!

  • End the day with gratitude:

    Each night, Brian and I will write down one thing we are grateful for that day.

  • List some things on eBay:

    I have had a small collection of items I have been wanting to put on eBay, but haven’t gotten around to it. This month, I plan to list at least 5 items. Here’s hoping they will sell with no problems!

  • Change up our weeknight dinners:

    We typically eat the same kind of thing for dinner each weeknight: Chicken and salad. I actually don’t really eat the chicken, just the salad mostly. Brian is pushing us to change up our dinners, so instead of salad, he is going to make grilled veggies. We are going to forego chicken and prepare some other forms of protein.

  • Read before bed:

    Brian and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading before bed and are looking forward to continuing the trend!

With one more month of summer left, I am grateful that Brian and I have been focused on slowing down and really taking the time to live life the way we want. We are excited to take on our goals and can’t wait to see what this month brings…especially while in Yellowstone!

What are you looking forward to in August?

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