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Ever feel like not dealing with the hustle and bustle of purchasing a new or used car from a dealership? How about saving all of the lost hours of time spent at a dealership to haggle with paperwork or waiting for decisions to be made? Personally, my experiences with car dealerships have been nothing but lost time and having some feeling of discomfort. Well, that all changed for me when I worked with Carvana.

The Story

A couple of years ago, I began looking for a new car, as I was tired of the drain of funds to maintain my car.  I started my search for a slightly used car at dealerships and online marketplaces (craigslist, autotrader, and so on).  However, there are 2 things that I dislike: negotiating and sleazy sales tactics. So, naturally, my search was an annoyance to me.

That is, until, I heard about Carvana, an online used car merchant that is completely online. Carvana was still pretty new during this time (2015) but their website was stylish and informative and provided me all of the details I needed to know about each car. I already knew the car I wanted, so it became a daily routine of mine to have a quick browse of the inventory they had each day. And 1 day it happened…I bought the car!

The Experience

It was an average day.  Liann and I were about to head out for the day, but I needed to do my daily check up on Carvana.  Within a minute, I found the car I was looking for. It took another 5 minutes to review the car’s information and then another 10 minutes to purchase the car with financing! Yes, I know financing is not Liann’s and mine preferred method of making purchases, but the price of the car was the best I had found and the financing APR was much better than the other options I explored.

Here’s what I like about Carvana:

Top Notch Online Platform

The features of the website are slick and provide the extensive amount of information in a good, simple, and interactive way. The website’s interface is intuitive, which makes it easy to use for a large range of users. Check it out at

Competitive Pricing and Financing

While you are not able to negotiate on prices, there’s really no need to since the prices are already better than most of their competition. That goes for purchase price and financing. I’m not saying you can’t get better prices elsewhere, but I’m much happier not dealing with the extra headache.

Seamless Process

The process for purchasing the car, getting financing, and receiving the car  is seamless. I was never stuck wondering what the status of the purchase was. Even when receiving the car, all of the paperwork was ready to go and a breeze to get through.

Delivery or Pick-up?

This is a pretty cool option – Carvana will either deliver the car to you on a flatbed pickup or you can schedule to pick up the car at one of their vending machine locations. I opted for the pick up and everything was ready and waiting when I arrived.

Trial Period

Carvana provides a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, in which if  you decide you don’t want the car, then they reverse the purchase without issue. Carvana also provides a 100 day/4,189 mile “Worry Free Guarantee”, which basically means if there is an issue they missed when certifying the car, they will work with you to get it fixed.

The Staff

Honestly, I was blown away by all of the staff I worked with during and after the transaction (all of 3 people). In my experience, the staff was kind and passionate in making sure I was happy with the purchase. Carvana stays in contact with you until you finalize the purchase, but in a relaxed, non-invasive way.


All-in-all, Carvana changed the car buying process for me from a dreaded experience to an enjoyable one. I know I will use Carvana for my next car purchase and I suggest to every person who is in the market for a car to give Carvana a look. I think you will be happy you did.

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