February 2019 Goals

Revisiting January and Setting February Goals

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January – what a month you were! The beginning of the year brought in huge workloads, colds and scratchy throats, and a massive lack of sleep. Honestly, this past month feels very much a blur. We did venture out for Brian’s birthday (Yay for brewery adventures) and spent some time with friends and family.

Much of our time was spent in front of our computers, working and researching for our upcoming Italian Getaway! We finally bought our tickets, which were completely covered by our Chase Ultimate Reward Points! Brian and I are excited for our trip and look forward to exploring new cities. I definitely want to brush up on my Italian before we go, so we are talking about taking a free crash course to catch the basics.

In other news, the last few days have graced us with some sunshine and warmer temperatures. We are happy January is over and looking forward to diving into February.

Revisiting January 2019 Goals

  • Bike everyday Pass

    We actually did it! Brian and I both have stationary bikes and have successfully biked every day anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours per day. It was a definitely a welcome break to our work day. We feel great!

  • Catch a live performance Fail

    That’s a negative…between our workload and lack of sleep, we just never got a chance to really get out on the town.

  • Read 2 books Pass

    The stack of books next to my bed served as a constant, though gentle, push of encouragement. Reading through 2 books wasn’t too difficult! I discovered Colleen Hoover a couple of months ago and have been really enjoying her books!

  • Solidify our travel plans Pass

    We haven’t placed our reservations yet, but we have most of our details down for February and March!

  • Stay educated Pass

    I read through Andrew Tobias’ The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need. Personally, it was just an ‘okay’ resource to me. Brian and I haven’t checked out any lectures yet, but we have been staying informed with the stock market and are actively discussing different investment strategies.

February 2019 Goals

  • No booze:

    Brian and I decided to ban the booze this month. We’re interested (and even a little excited) to see how this affects our minds, bodies, and spirits.

  • Enjoy cleaner eating:

    We actually don’t eat that poorly, though we agree that we could probably benefit more from an increased intake of fresher vegetables. Whether we are out home or out to eat, we are going to focus on eating more meals that consist of whole foods. We’ve also decided to invest a juicer!

  • Max out my 2019 IRA:

    I should be able to check this off this February!

  • Maintain a daily exercise regimen:

    Biking has been awesome. We are hoping to keep the momentum going and would like to maintain biking through this month. I’m also adding another daily workout regimen for myself!

  • Do our taxes:

    We tend to wait until the end of March or early April to do our taxes, but we’re going to knock them out early this year.

Here’s to a new month with more chances for better sleep! How is your February looking? Do you have any clean eating tips for us? Comment below!

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