Fly Budget Like A Pro

Fly Budget Like a Pro

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When Brian and I fly budget, we take to the skies with a little more cash in hand. Budget flying is not for everyone, but we have found that it works for us! We fly with little expectation other than getting from Point A to Point B safely. It is a “no frills” experience.

À La Carte

We often fly Spirit Airlines, but we also travel with Frontier. Both airlines allow for one personal item with a size limit and charge for additional baggage, seat selection, snacks, and beverages. In all honesty, there are times when we prefer the à la carte method…Is a beverage and a bag of pretzels really worth $80 more in a ticket? While these budget airlines score poorly in customer service, Brian and I have never had an issue or bad experience. We have seen, however, people get very heated at the gate because they are charged an additional $100 due to excess baggage. These folks likely did not review the baggage restrictions or read the fine print.

Read The Fine Print

It is important to review what is included in your ticket price. If you educate yourself, then you are prepared, and when you are prepared, you know what to expect. Reading the fine print tells you what you need to know. Spirit Airlines will even charge for printing a boarding pass at the airport. Brian and I make sure we print our boarding passes at home, travel with only our backpacks, and pre-pack snacks and drinks for an easy, comfortable trip. By flying budget, we have managed to save $520 on plane tickets this month alone.

Learn how to fly budget like a pro with these 9 tips:

  • Shop for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
  • Keep an eye out for sales (Spirit and Frontier sometimes offer 30-99% off their prices)
  • Book together and check in as early as possible to sit together
  • Print off your boarding pass or use a mobile boarding pass
  • Travel light (stay within size restrictions)
  • Bring your own snacks
  • Carry a refillable water bottle
  • Pre-load your device with entertainment
  • Be flexible for the cheapest flights (sometimes the most affordable flights will be red-eyes)

These tips have helped us save money, fly comfortably, and ultimately enjoy more adventure.  Will you be flying budget anytime soon?

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