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Frugal Winter Dates

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When the temperatures drop, it’s easy to go into hibernation mode and snuggle under the covers all day long.  Break out of the Netflix trance and warm each other up with these frugal winter date ideas!

  • Visit the library
  • Hit the road without a map and see where you end up
  • Stroll around antique markets
  • Take a trip to your local museum (look up discounted/free days)
  • Bundle up for a winter day hike
  • Visit a local coffee shop with a good book
  • Play a board game
  • Use whatever you have on hand to make dinner together
  • Have a couple’s spa day at home, complete with face masks, massage, and bath
  • Listen to a podcast together
  • Make a dessert together
  • Have a pushup/squat/plank contest
  • Play video games together
  • Check out open-mic nights around town
  • Daydream and plan for your next big vacation
  • Look up and attend free lectures
  • Have an at-home movie night
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Find and partake in a great happy hour deal
  • Tackle a DIY house project together
  • Visit a home improvement store and window shop
  • If a casino is accessible, take a day trip and play $20 on penny slots
  • Go to a local hockey game
  • Dominate at a local trivia night
  • Tour open houses for fun
  • Take a distillery/winery/brewery tour
  • Go sledding or show off your ice-skating skills
  • Do a puzzle together
  • Create a mixed CD or playlist for each other
  • DIY walking tours of historical sites such as cathedrals or cemeteries

What are your favorite frugal winter dates?  Comment below!

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2 Responses

  1. Very nice little blog. The intro was pleasantly brief but well attended with personal vignettes. I like the format. Do you think you’ll have some videos of your ‘adventures’ around GA and nearby states that will inspire folks to get out and enjoy life on a budget?

    Good luck with the blog. Hope it grows in attendance

  2. Thank you for your comment! We may eventually add videos to our blogs, but are sticking to photos and writing for the time being!

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