July 2018 Goals

Revisiting June and Setting July Goals

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We accomplished all of our set goals, though June was a whirlwind of work stress, lack of sleep, and not enough down time!  Brian and I had hoped that we would have some time to unwind this past month, but with added work complications and long days, we were unable to relax much.  Our weekends were focused on trying to catch up on some sleep while tackling a few projects around the house.  Our couch finally arrived the last week of June. Sadly, and somewhat expectedly, the delivery guys were unable to navigate the couch around the bend of our staircase. With the know-how and brute strength of my dad, he, Brian, and another buddy of ours hoisted the couch up and over our stair-less deck to our second story living room.  Thank you, everyone!  It was a big to-do.  We are grateful for the help and happy that the couch fit into our home!

Revisiting June 2018 Goals

  • Finalize our Yellowstone trip  Pass

    We successfully booked all accommodations, flights, and our rental car. While the trip is more expensive than I would like, we managed to save over 50% of our car rental through Priceline!

  • Read two books  Pass

    I finished up The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, which I started in May. I tackled two more books towards the end of June, Chip Gaines’ Capital Gaines and All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda.

  • Purge the house  Pass

    Brian and I cleared out both of our closets! The rest of the house is still in good standing from our last purge.

  • Finish a house project  Pass

    We have been wanting a splash of greenery on our deck and decided to plant lavender, lemongrass, and citronella. Wish us luck as we don’t really have experience caring for living things! We also put up garage shelving, which has kept the garage neatly organized!

July 2018 Goals

  • Create a pseudo-itinerary for Yellowstone:

    While we successfully booked all reservations associated with our Yellowstone trip, we still need to do some research for things we’d like to see, do, and eat!  As mentioned in my last goals post, I like to have many options so I know what’s on the menu and can choose accordingly, depending on what we feel like doing at that moment.  We want to be structured enough to know what’s around us and prioritize, while maintaining flexibility to move plans around and freely enjoy exploring the area.  Please comment below if you have any suggestions for us!

  • Get more sleep:

    I honestly have not slept through the night for the last 4 weeks.  Everyone knows sleep is essential!  My lack of sleep is mainly attributed to Brian’s snoring, as well as work stress.  I obsessively check work, all throughout the day and into the evening.  I even check e-mails as soon as I wake up at 4:30AM.  It’s not healthy!  Not only is it affecting my sleep, it also causes work-related nightmares.  Through trial and error over the years, I have learned that 9 hours of sleep works best for me.  Currently, I sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours.  This month, I am going to do my best to wean off my compulsion to check work and allow myself to have a more purposeful nighttime routine that facilitates rest and relaxation.  Nine hours of shut-eye would do wonders for me!

  • Spend time on our couch:

    We have been on the go so much so that we have NOT been able to spend that much time on our new couch.  You bet that I am going to watch a couple of marathons and do some solid reading and work on our couch…especially since it was a pricey purchase and a tough cookie to get into the house.

  • Get rid of our chaise:

    Our chaise is occupying space in our downstairs office.  We originally had it in the living room, along with our old couch.  Now that we have a new sectional, we need to either sell or donate our chaise.

  • Read before bed:

    Brian and I mostly have the TV on before we go to sleep.  This month, we would like to read before bed.  I am hoping that this also allows me to sleep better!

What do you guys have planned for July?

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