March 2019 Goals

Revisiting February and Setting March Goals

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Brian and I are walking into this month a little lighter as we successfully juiced and cleanly ate our way through February! Not only do we feel healthier, but we have found ourselves more energized as we embark on our day-to-day. Cheers to stickin’ to our healthy eats!

Sadly, between ridiculously long work hours and the stress of packing and getting Brian’s mom ready to move, we never did catch up on our sleep. We tried to disconnect from work as much as we could, but unexpected projects found their way to us. Brian and I are hopeful that March brings more down time!

Revisiting February 2019 Goals

  • No booze Pass

    Honestly, we were slightly worried that this goal was going to be a tough one to reach. In the last few months, work stress has been so heavy that we would wind down with a drink or two every couple of nights. A booze-free period has been on my mind lately, so I figured we should just try it out. It turns out that we didn’t have to worry at all! In fact, we found it pretty easy to stay away from alcohol. We even went out with friends a couple of times and didn’t feel tempted. A booze-free month was refreshing and gave us the opportunity to explore other ways of de-stressing.

  • Enjoy cleaner eating Pass

    Brian and I stocked up on plenty of produce on the cheap at our local H Mart. They have GREAT deals on all kinds of goodies from all over the world. Not only did we spend more time cooking and eating at home, but we also experimented with juicing to kickstart our metabolism and detox our bodies. Sayonara to $5 juice shots at Kale Me Crazy! We were able to make the same juices for a fraction of the cost.

  • Max out my 2019 IRA Pass

    I officially maxed out my 2019 IRA on February 25th! Woot woot! Now on to the next investment!

  • Maintain a daily exercise regimen Pass

    While I didn’t bike nearly as much as I wanted to, I definitely kept up with my own daily workout. A mix of weights, squats, push-ups and dips kept me active through the month.

  • Do our taxes Pass

    It took us 5 hours, but we managed to cross this one off the list on February 16th! After playing with our withholdings and taking advantage of certain deductions, we actually RECEIVED a tax refund this year post-marriage. Brian and I used to receive tax refunds as individuals, but once we got married, the government came a-knockin’! Our tax refund is going to straight into savings!

March 2019 Goals

  • Visit the landfill:

    Brian and I have a ton of trash from his mom’s house. We also collect oversized miscellaneous garbage from around our neighborhood. Unfortunately, folks either don’t care or don’t want to deal with taking care of random trash. We step up to the plate because we REALLY don’t want to see the neighborhood trashed.

  • Practice Yoga:

    We started the month on a relaxing note with a couples massage. I’ve been aware for years that I suffer from back pain…it’s not like I’m broken or anything, but I certainly strain my back from time to time, especially with stress. In any case, I was informed by my masseuse that I have a cervical and thoracic dysfunction. This basically means by back is pretty messed up. She recommended I practice more yoga and try out Qigong exercises for better balance, circulation, and flexibility.

  • Brian will open a brokerage account:

    Brian has a Roth IRA and 401K, and has become interested in opening his own brokerage account. I have had a brokerage account since I started investing and Brian has decided to join the club!

  • Research and diversify my portfolio:

    Right now, I think I’m probably more tech-heavy than I should be. I’m going to take this month to research other companies to see where I can move around my funds so I can diversify my portfolio.

  • Bike twice a week:

    Good ol’ biking keeps us active, even when we just want turn on the tube and watch a little Netflix!

March will be a good month. Hopefully, we will see the last of this dreary weather and can enjoy a little bit of sunshine. What’s on your agenda this month?

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