October 2018 Goals

Revisiting September and Setting October Goals

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Welcome to October!  Brian and I LOVE fall weather and cannot wait for brisk mornings, falling leaves, and gorgeous hikes!  It’s still a summery 85 degrees here, though we are hoping it cools down soon.

While we went into September knowing it was going to be a balance of catch-up and down time, we were not prepared for the barrage of work and late nights.  The combination further fueled our exhaustion.  Though we worked hard, we also played hard: Because we were absent for half of August, Brian and I spent the better part of September catching up with friends on our off time.  From brunches, to dinners, to a weekend trip to my alma mater, we had a blast spending time with everyone.

Revisiting September 2018 Goals

  • Go to bed early  FAIL

    Hahaha!  Brian and I failed miserably.  In fact, we failed SO miserably that we ended up taking naps sometimes during the day just to alleviate our late nights and lack of sleep.

  • Mail our deposit for our next family trip Pass

    The paperwork has been filled out and our check has been deposited!

  • Do at least 1 form of exercise a day  Pass

    Between biking, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, dips, and planks – I have successfully completed 1 form of exercise per day!

  • Create a mailing list  FAIL

    Unfortunately, Brian did not have an opportunity to work on the mailing list.  He is expecting to have it completed this month.

  • Apply for Global Entry  Pass

    Done!  We have submitted our application, payment, and scheduled our interview for later this month!

October 2018 Goals

  • Create a mailing list:

    October is THE month to get this done!  Brian wants this at the top of the list.

  • Get to bed early:

    We absolutely need to commit to this.  Towards the last few days of September, we did successfully crawl into bed before 9PM, but that was really due to the overall tiredness from the month.  Hoping for better results in October!

  • Hike 2 new trails:

    There are a ton of trails around us and yet we find ourselves hiking the same ones.  It’s time for a new adventure!

  • Trim down our monthly expenses:

    Dining out definitely takes the cake for our “fun” budget.  We are going to cut back and trim down in other areas so we can actually hit our annual savings goal EARLY this year.  We can’t wait until the end of December!

  • Have an epic Halloween:

    Our Halloween tradition involves making a Halloween-themed dinner and enjoying a scary movie marathon.  For some reason, though, I always fall asleep during scary movies.  It’s the strangest thing.  I have found that scary movies calm and soothe me to the point of putting me in a seriously deep sleep!  I love it, because that means I get to sleep!  This year, we are going to go all-out and put together an epic, all-course Halloween feast.  I’m also going to fight the urge to fall asleep so we can watch all of our movies!

I am jazzed for this month.  With cool weather on the way, we are looking forward to enjoying more time outside.  Maybe we will even find ourselves in a Haunted Corn Maze!  Here’s to a spooktacularly frugal month of hikes, saving money, and scary movies!

Do you have any scary movie suggestions for us?

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