October 2019 Goals

Revisiting September and Setting October Goals

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Why, hello, October! I’m sorry for missing your arrival – I know you’ve been here for about a week now. September was an absolute adventure, so much so that Brian and I are still getting back into the swing of things.

This past month took us on our much-anticipated Italian getaway, complete with the chaotic beauty of local culture, incredible foods, and new friendships. We learned a lot and experienced even more. From nibbling on organs, to exploring catacombs, to late nights with great friends and a whole bunch of history and sights in between – we had a trip of a lifetime! Once we returned home, we eased back into work and have been diligently focused on downsizing our “stuff” as we get ready to put our house on the market!

Revisiting September 2019 Goals

  • Serious House Purge Pass

    We got down and dirty with our closets! After holding on to a few pieces we would only wear a handful of times throughout the year, we decided to let go and move on. We still have a couple of other areas to comb through, but we are on a good roll!

  • Lose Weight Pass

    Walking all around Italy sure did help us drop a couple of pounds!

  • Catch-up on Life Pass

    Brian and I enjoyed our down time overseas, which allowed us to eat to our hearts’ content, catch up on sleep, and soak in new experiences!

  • Finish a book Fail

    Alright, alright…Brian might not have finished a book, but I did! We seriously have to get back into reading – It’s a great de-stresser!

  • Clean the deck Pass

    We cleaned the deck to the best of our ability! Unfortunately, the contractors really did a number on it…The tile dust has stained parts of our deck white, which will require a good pressure washing and re-paint to get it looking the way we want!

October 2019 Goals

  • Continue purging:

    Our purge game is strong right now! Brian and I are going to go from room to room this month and really start cleaning house!

  • Eat in more:

    Time to pull out our recipe books! With only a few months to go until the new year, we are keeping an eye on our finances and saving where we can. In fact, I may just throw on a pot of chili and let it cook all month long.

  • Watch something scary every week:

    I adore Halloween season because Brian is much more accommodating to what he calls my “creepy side”. I get free rein on choosing our scary movies this month!

  • Switch off:

    Admittedly, Brian and I will often work until past dinner time, only to eat late, go to bed, then go back to work. We know that we have to make more of an effort to pull ourselves away from our jobs and back into life. Italy gave us a much-needed break and allowed for us to breathe. Since we obviously can’t travel across the world every day, we are going to figure out more tangible ways to help us switch off from work.

  • Make a laugh list:

    Life is funny. Yes, sometimes it skews more dark comedy than we would all want, but there is still a reason to laugh if you look for it. We are going to keep a list of one thing that makes us laugh each day, starting today.

September was a wild ride of flavor, new friends, and all-around goodness. Brian and I are tremendously grateful and thrilled that we were able to visit Italy. Keep an eye out for a full report on our Italian escape! Until next time, have a spooktacular October!

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