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Hi! We’re Brian and Liann, husband-and-wife creative duo and partners in crime. Join us as we build our own freedom through travel, intentional living, and budget-friendly concepts.

We like to explore life outside of the box. Paying off our mortgage in 2015 changed our lives. We made the decision to pay off ALL debt before we were married. We set up a savings strategy to completely pay for our wedding and honeymoon while also working hard to pay off a mortgage, student loan, and car loan. We began our marriage entirely debt-free with a healthy nest egg.

The Freedom Adventure was created to share our personal experiences and interests in financial wellness, frugal living, and self-investment.

Discover personal finance tips, budget travel ideas, and home improvement adventures. Our blog provides honest insight and reviews of different products and services we find valuable. Through original content and storytelling, we enjoy sharing experiences and tools to help others explore life differently.



A curious soul with a penchant for darkness, depth, and delicious foods. I enjoy a good book and a healthy dose of risk. Life is meant for adventure. I’m never going to have all of the answers, but I’m open to learning all that I can.


Hi, I’m Brian, and I would say I am the more conventional and risk-averse one in this duo. While I believe the unknown to be scary, I also believe it is worth exploring because, after all, knowledge is power. In my day job, I troubleshoot, make decisions, analyze, and troubleshoot some more. Outside of that, I am a self-proclaimed foodie, amateur cook, and amateur bartender. I love travel, music, personal finance, creating and building things, and I love lamp.

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