Outstanding Service and High Quality Hardwoods at Brazilian Wood Depot

Outstanding Service and High Quality Hardwoods at Brazilian Wood Depot

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Before we wrap up our DIY Deck series, I would like to highlight our experience with Brazilian Wood Depot. For full disclosure, this is not a paid partnership. Brian and I came across Brazilian Wood Depot on our own and ultimately spent our own money to purchase cumaru decking from them.

If it were not for their vast inventory and expert advice, we wouldn’t likely have felt as confident with our purchase and ability to work with the product.

Shopping Local with Brazilian Wood Depot

Brian and I corresponded with five different lumber suppliers, four of whom are local to us. We visited three lumber yards, only to discover that just one maintains well-stocked inventory on-site: Brazilian Wood Depot!

We try to support local businesses when we can, even when prices are a bit higher than elsewhere. Our business went to Brazilian Wood Depot not just because they’re the nearest tropical hardwood supplier to us but also because of their extensive selection and efficient and friendly service.


Brazilian Wood Depot has been importing legally and sustainably sourced hardwoods from Brazil and Southeast Asia for nearly 20 years. This family-owned and operated business has a consistent and ample stock of Ipe, Tigerwood, Garapa, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Purpleheart, and Brown Balau.

One morning, Brian and I popped over to their warehouse as soon as they opened. We were greeted by Sam, Brazilian Wood Depot’s development manager and resident hardwood expert. Sam immediately put us at ease (which could be attributed to the fact that I was already familiar with his awesome videos) with his approachable demeanor. In addition to asking relevant questions and patiently answering ours, he also walked us around the warehouse to look at all of the hardwood species.

Brian and I were blown away by the amount and quality of Brazilian Wood Depot’s inventory. Moreover, we greatly appreciated that there was no stuffy showroom or sales pitch; it was exactly the kind of no-fuss environment and interaction we preferred!

Other lumber yards just had samples available for viewing instead of physical inventory.

Personable and Knowledgeable Service

Sam played a huge role in why we decided to shop with Brazilian Wood Depot. He is straightforward, easy to talk to, and an incredible source of information. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, Sam shared key product differences and expert insight with inherent ease.

When he learned that Brian and I planned to build the deck ourselves, he asked engaging questions that helped us finalize certain decking components, including the type of deck fastener. Sam displayed a genuine and interested attitude during our conversation. Personally, I loved the fact that he didn’t speak to us (me) like we were a couple of novice knuckleheads in over their heads.

Color Shading Request

Because Brazilian Wood Depot has plenty of stock, they try their best to accommodate requests for certain color shades within an order. This is specifically the case for their cumaru inventory. For example, cumaru is available in shades ranging from medium tan to dark amber red. We opted for their “Champagne-colored” cumaru, which is a beautiful contrast against our brick home.

We reached out to other lumber yards and were informed that customers get what they are given. There is no option for requesting certain shades.

Brazilian Wood Depot: Champagne Cumaru

Competitive Pricing

Brazilian Wood Depot offers price-matching from qualifying competitors! When it came time to finalize our quote and complete our transaction, Brian and I were both surprised and grateful that Sam was willing to work with us on pricing. He supplied alternative quotes as he played around with different deck board size options and price-matched materials.

Sam was extremely helpful as he talked us through the different options. We trusted his guidance and appreciated his realistic assessment of our needs. In the end, Brian and I felt comfortable with our final quote. We were really happy with how flexible and collaborative Sam was with our budget.

Accessible Resources

My Type A research junkie persona loves the amount of documentation and information accessible through Brazilian Wood Depot’s website. SO. MUCH. JOY.

From purchase policies and shipping guides to installation instructions, maintenance guides, and more, Brazilian Wood Depot has got you covered!

I initially discovered Brazilian Wood Depot through their YouTube videos when I was first learning about Brazilian hardwood. Brian and I continued to watch their videos and visit their website during the course of our DIY deck project.

We found their resources, as well as their customer service, to be exceptionally helpful, even after we completed our purchase with them. In fact, when we ran into our tricky final row of decking, Brian called Sam to talk through some solutions. Brazilian Wood Depot is there to help even after the sale.

A Top-Rated Recommendation for Brazilian Hardwoods

Brazilian Wood Depot far exceeded our expectations of a lumber yard and direct importer. Though Brian and I were careful to choose a supplier that is local to us, it’s important to note that Brazilian Wood Depot ships all over the contiguous United States.

They pride themselves on exclusive on-site inventory and are happy to arrange for video calls to walk customers through their selection. I find this highly reassuring and indicative of their business practices.

Brian and I previously considered working with an out-of-state supplier, but they were unwilling to share any additional information about their physical inventory other than the availability located throughout different warehouses in the country. Had Brian and I bought from this other supplier, we wouldn’t have known the wood’s condition, quality, or coloring until we received it.

Brazilian Wood Depot’s outstanding service and premium hardwoods are fantastic reasons to support them. However, we would also like to highlight their:

  • Prompt and transparent responses to customer inquiries
  • Exclusive full crating process and shipping services
  • Laid-back and inviting warehouse
  • At-once availability for order fulfillment
  • Direct access to qualified and knowledgeable staff with experience-based insight

If you find yourself in the market for tropical hardwoods, please consider reaching out to Brazilian Wood Depot by phone or through their website. We loved our experience working with them, and we truly believe they will take care of you and your project needs.

Brazilian Wood Depot

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