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Revisiting April and Setting May Goals

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Happy May! The sun is FINALLY shining and the weather is warming up! We have had a strange spring season so far. Although we traveled for three weekends this month, the weather has been odd everywhere we went. I’m happy to report that it seems to be a steady warm-up from here on out!

April was a tough, busy month for us. We had an impromptu weekend away to visit friends in North Carolina, followed by an unexpected and unfortunate trip for a family funeral in New York. The next weekend, we flew out to Colorado for a planned excursion to check out the sights. Much like the weather, we (and our emotions) have been on a bit of a roller coaster.

How was your April? Did you have any unexpected plans come up? While things were busy for us, I was able to complete most of my goals I had for the month.

Revisiting April 2018 Goals

  • Max out my IRA  Pass

    My last contribution for 2018 was added the first week of April.

  • Deposit 25% of my income to savings  Pass

    Success!  I actually added more than 25% to our savings account!

  • Read one book  Pass

    I was gifted Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.  It was a great, easy read.

  • Go on 3 four mile hikes  Pass

    While we planned to hike twice in Colorado, we were only able to hike once due to a spring snowfall.  We made up for the missed hike, with the addition of another, back home.  These hikes were much-needed!

  • Write more  FAIL

    Bummer…Unfortunately, I did not meet my goal of journaling twice a week.  I did, however, write a friend a letter!  With everything going on this month, I only journaled three times.

  • Spend time on our deck  Pass

    Yes, the weather was all over the place, BUT we certainly took advantage of the few times of sunlight.  We even took our laptops outside and worked on our deck a couple of times this month.

May 2018 Goals

  • Deposit 50% of my income to savings:

    We have an end-of-year goal for our joint savings account. Adding to it on a month-to-month basis helps us achieve this goal.

  • Write more:

    Sadly, I was not able to sustain my journaling last month. I aim to be more intentional and will journal twice a week.

  • Read two books:

    I started a second book last month, but haven’t finished it. This month, not only will I finish the book I started, but I will read two more.

  • Walk or hike 5 miles a week:

    Since the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, we are committed to walking or hiking AT LEAST 5 miles a week. I wanted to aim for 10, but Brian reigned me in to be a little more realistic.

  • Have more productive mornings:

    On weekdays, I wake up at 4:30AM for quiet time to catch up on news and mentally prepare for my day. Instead of grabbing my phone or laptop, I am going to meditate, write a bit, and do some light yoga or biking.

What are your goals for May?

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