June 2018 Goals

Revisiting May and Setting June Goals

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Five days into June already? Where does the time go? May was a turbulent, busy month of work for us. Unexpected glitches and frustrating circumstances combined with a lack of sleep (at least on my end) made for an exhausting last two weeks. Aside from work, we managed to catch up with friends, take a trip to Pensacola, FL, and make some real headway with our Yellowstone plans!

We are flying into Las Vegas to spend a few days there and then flying to Salt Lake City to begin our Yellowstone venture. Brian and I booked our flights, but still have to reserve our room in Vegas, as well as half of the stay near Grand Teton. We also need to rent a car…we would LOVE to rent a Jeep Wrangler for the fun and adventure of it, but it is pretty expensive. Unless I can find a great deal, it looks like we are probably going to go for a standard rental.

In addition to purchasing big ticket items for our trip, we also made one large purchase for our house: a new couch. Brian has been pushing for a new couch for years. I struggled with this decision, as I was perfectly fine with my $30 Craigslist couch. However, the springs (which were held together by zip ties as a quick fix) tore a few holes in the back of the couch. Sadly, I have to say goodbye! I suppose I got my value out of it. For $30 and nine years, my couch faithfully held me up when I was down, supported our family and friends, and made for great naps and cozy sleeping arrangements. Our new couch is far more expensive, but through price comparisons and holiday savings, we snagged it for almost 40% off of the original price!

I’m not one for spending money on things, like couches, but here’s to the future and memories to be made. We haven’t gotten the couch yet, but it should be delivered in the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to kicking up my feet and resting a little more this month. Maybe I’ll even steal a nap or two on the new couch.

Revisiting May 2018 Goals

  • Deposit 50% of my income to savings  Pass

    Completed!  Woot woot!

  • Write more  FAIL

    I did not meet my goal of journaling twice a week.  I came up short, with only 4 journal entries for the month.  Sad!

  • Read two books  FAIL

    I finished the book I started in April, Malala Yousafzai’s I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban.  Yousafzai is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to her when she was just 17.  Her memoir is an incredibly powerful account of her story.  Through extraordinary obstacles and terrifying injustice, Yousafzai shares her experience and unveils her strength and perseverance in the struggle to attain education in a Taliban-controlled region.  I also read Rise: How a House Built a Family, by Cara Brookins.  After escaping not one, but two abusive relationships, Brookins focused her attention on providing for her four kids.  Along with her children, she built her home from the ground up in pure determination to make a life for her family.  Her memoir is well-written and her story is admirable.  I started to read my second book for the month, The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, but I haven’t finished it yet!

  • Walk/hike 5 miles a week  FAIL

    Unfortunately, we missed one week due to an energy-sucking cold and rainy weather!

  • Have more productive mornings  Pass

    I did yoga and biked a couple of times, but I mainly read my books!

June 2018 Goals

  • Finalize our Yellowstone trip:

    We need to reserve our stay in Las Vegas, book the last leg of our accommodations near Grand Teton, and reserve our rental car.  Brian and I intend to do some serious hiking, sightseeing, and eating, so we will have to do some research to put together a pseudo-itinerary.  I like to have travel plans as flexible as possible, while still maintaining structure so we aren’t mindlessly roaming around.

  • Read two books:

    I’m not giving this one up! I am going to finish the book I started AND read two more.

  • Purge the house:

    Every few months, I go through a major cleaning frenzy and end up getting rid of things. I’m about due for another cleanse.

  • Finish a house project:

    Brian and I have compiled a list of small projects we would like to do around the house. Unfortunately, there have been quite a few that are a handful of years in the making. I would like to at least finish ONE of the projects this month.

Here’s hoping we can check off all of our June goals! What do you have planned this month?

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