5 Ways to Save on Insurance

5 Ways to Save on Insurance

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Insurance is something you should have nowadays, though it’s never really something you are excited to pay for. After all, you pay for it as a precaution for just-in-case situations.

Shop Around

When you purchase an insurance policy through a new provider, you are typically given a competitive rate as a way to earn your business.  However, after a couple of years, that rate starts to increase.   It is best to shop around every couple of years for a new insurance provider. Liann and I have contacted a few different providers to research more affordable rates and policies that would better suit our needs.

Drop Excess Insurance Coverage

Insurance plans can include some coverage options that could be considered “excessive”.  For example, our last home insurance policy covered lost/damaged electronics. We personally don’t have expensive enough electronics to benefit from this, so we dropped this option to save on our premium.

Opt for Higher Deductibles

The lower the deductible, the higher the cost of the insurance. Increase the deductible amount to lower your insurance cost.

Reduce the Number of Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim will typically result in an increase in your insurance costs. If you can afford not to file an insurance claim, then pay out-of-pocket. Ideally, you would only file a claim when it is too costly to pay out-of-pocket.

Pay in Full or On Time

Paying for your insurance policy in full can potentially save money on processing fees.  If you choose to do a payment plan, then you should pay each installment on time. Late payments will result in increased insurance rates.

Liann and I have used these tips to help keep our insurances costs down.  In negotiating with companies, bundling policies, and asking for discounts, we managed to save nearly 20% on our home and car insurance policies!

Have you negotiated with your insurance provider this year? Let us know how much you have saved!

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2 Responses

  1. Considering electronics: phones, laptops, pcs, tv, stereo, alarm system… that seems to be alot to replace. Therefore, how much extra did this option cost? And what was usaa quote?

    ps. Some companies accept monthly payments without fees, need to ask.

    1. Yes the electronics can be a lot to replace if something was to happen, but at the same time what are the chances of something happening? This was a weighting of bets. We have given the insurance company $130 over the years for this coverage and will probably never use it. I thought it was time to plug the leak and save $15 annually.

      So we haven’t gotten a quote from USAA before. I have had experience with them once or twice with car accidents in the past and was not happy with the handling the claims, so I avoid them for now.

      That is good to know that some companies do not charge for processing monthly payments. In that case, it could be beneficial to keep the monthly payments rather than bulk payments.

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