September 2018 Goals

Revisiting August and Setting September Goals

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Brian and I are back from Yellowstone and Grand Teton!  It was a fun, albeit exhausting trip (overview to be posted soon!).  In fact, we are still very much recovering and probably won’t feel rested for another week. From buffalo to deer and mountains to valleys, we explored, trekked, and drove our way through breathtaking scenery and unpredictable weather!  What a whirlwind it was!

We began our August by celebrating with friends.  We ventured to Chapel Hill to meet our friends’ baby boy and had an incredible time celebrating with them and their family.  Then, we surprised some friends in Denver to celebrate their amazing engagement!  We are over-the-moon excited for them.  My heart has been so full and grateful to be able to share these moments and memories with the people we love.

Revisiting August 2018 Goals

  • Get rid of our chaise  Pass

    Our chaise has been picked up by Salvation Army!

  • End the day with gratitude Pass

    It’s been great to actively reflect on the positive moments of our days.

  • List some things on eBay  Pass

    I have 5 items listed on eBay – none have sold yet, but I have a few ‘watchers’.  With a few days left on the sales, I’m hoping my listings sell soon!

  • Change up our weekly dinners  Pass

    Brian and I enjoyed steak, pork, and salmon paired with a variety of vegetables including bitter melon, eggplant, carrots, mushroom, and kale.

  • Read before bed  Pass

    We have really enjoyed reading before bed!  I did not surpass my last record of 7 books in a month, but I am grateful to be ending the day with a little reading, nonetheless.

September 2018 Goals

  • Get to bed early:

    Honestly, we are SO tired from our trip out west and definitely need some serious R&R!  We are going to aim for a 9:30PM bed time.

  • Mail our deposit for our next family trip:

    We are claiming our spots and sending out our check for the Band of Brothers Tour.  Brian and I are thrilled for this!

  • Do at least 1 form of exercise a day:

    Brian and I haven’t kept up with our exercise as much as we should.  In an effort to be a little better, we are setting the bar pretty low and trying to go for at least one form of exercise per day.

  • Create a mailing list:

    Brian has been really wanting to create a mailing list for The Freedom Adventure.  So – here’s his push to get it done!

  • Apply for Global Entry:

    We have been dragging our feet applying for Global Entry…with all of the travel we have been doing, in addition to travel in the future, Global Entry is sure to come in handy.  Our Chase Sapphire Reserve covers the cost of one of our  applications.  We have had the Sapphire Reserve for almost a year and will be writing a review about our experience soon!

Even though Brian and I are especially swamped with work, we are super grateful to have had the time and opportunity to be with friends and family and to explore new places.  We continue to practice living with intention and look forward to what September has to offer.

What are you up to in September?

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