September 2019 Goals

Revisiting August and Setting September Goals

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August built us up and broke us down. On one hand, we got to spend some much needed time with friends and family on a couple of fun weekend trips. On the other hand, we were weighed down by loads of 10-15 hour work days and the pressure of finalizing our Big Italian Adventure.

As quickly as August arrived, it felt like it was gone in an instant. August seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye while leaving us with the exhaustion at the end of a race. With August behind us, we look forward to September and plan to focus more on ourselves.

Revisiting August 2019 Goals

  • Finalize our Italian Adventure Pass

    Stick a fork in it, because it is done! Now that we have finalized all of the plans for our Big Italian Adventure, we are really looking forward to the trip. We are excited to embark on a new adventure filled with sights, food, and life experiences.

  • Spend some time on ourselves Fail

    As usual, work took over with 12+ hours work days and mounds of tasks to complete within tight deadlines. We really need to find out how to support a healthier work/life balance with our jobs.

  • Prepare to fund my 2020 IRA Pass

    Liann has done it again…She has already gotten a big jump start on her 2020 IRA. She always manages to stay ahead of the game on the IRA so she can maximize its investment potential. The longer it is invested, the bigger her retirement will be.

  • Make easy, bulk meals Pass

    Tacos were our saving grace in August. We prepared large portions of ingredients throughout the month which made lunches and dinner quick and easy to make.

  • Get our house prepped for the market Pass

    We officially started preparing our home for the market in August by getting a new HVAC unit installed. These are always expensive purchases, but luckily we just borrow from our savings and pay ourselves back. We always like to give ourselves a pat on the back whenever we avoid paying interest to others. You always save money borrowing from yourself!

September 2019 Goals

  • Serious House Purge:

    Liann and I have already started preparing our home to be market ready for whenever we decide to move. To keep this going, we are going to do a serious house purge to reduce the clutter rather than having to deal with a ton of stuff when we move. I always say “You never know how much stuff you have until you move”.

  • Lose Weight:

    We both feel like we gained some weight in August from all the long hours of work we endured. This month we want to lose some weight to help us feel a little healthier. I would even be happy with 1 pound! That’s called progress…

  • Catch-up on Life:

    Personally I feel like I hardly remember what happened in our lives this summer. Every month it seemed like we were going through life with one thing after the other. And that is sad. To truly enjoy life, you have to slow it down and take in life’s moment and experiences. Liann and I will make a big effort this month to slow things down and just try to enjoy life. We need it.

  • Finish a Book:

    I am not nearly as fast a reader as Liann is. Lock her in a room for 24 hours and she will get through a tall stack of books. I am not like that, but reading does help me relax and slow things down. Therefore I am going to complete a book this month to in an effort to slow life down.

  • Clean the Deck:

    I know…We still have not scrubbed down our deck from when the contractors stained it with tile dust. With fall coming, it will be chilly before we know it. Therefore we will be scrubbing away at the deck this month before we run out of time.

We hope everyone had a good summer and that everyone is looking forward to fall!

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