8 Ways We Saved Money This Summer

8 Ways We Saved Money this Summer

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As summer is winding down, Liann and I thought we would share some of the ways we’ve saved on expenses this summer. So here are 8 ways we have saved money this summer:

1. Merged Reward Accounts for Extra Benefits

We saved around $300 this summer doing this. Give it a try!

2. Cut Back on Dining Out

Dining out can be expensive. We cut back this habit to only for special occasions this summer and reaped the benefits.

3. Pre-Game Before Going Out

To curb the cost of going out we started pre-gaming before heading out for the night. Check out some more of our tips in Boozing on a Budget.

4. Simplified Our Meals

We have simplified our daily meals to salads. Our weekly grocery expenses have been significantly cheaper as a result.

5. Opted for Driving Over Flying

While we are used to flying the friendly skies on a budget, this summer we opted to save a little extra by driving to our trip destinations.

6. Cashed In On Reward Points

We have then so we might as well use them. This summer we saved on some expenses by using our different reward points rather than parting with our cash.

7. Socialized at Home More

This summer we hosted more of our friends and family at our house rather than going out somewhere. This allowed us to spend time with our loved ones more cheaply.

8. Going to the Library

Reading more has been a big part of our summer. Rather than buying all new books, we have been going to the library a lot. This has saved us a good chunk of change.

How have you saved money this summer? Share in the comments below.

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