Welcoming Change

Welcoming Change:

3 Big Reasons Why Change Is Good

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Nothing stays the same. As life goes on, people and places (and how they affect you) change. It’s inevitable. I can understand why some are resistant to change…how the routine of what has been known continues to feel comfortable.

Folks get set in their ways. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of predictability, especially when the busyness of life greets you day in and day out. To succumb to muscle memory and reliable repetition takes the heat off of having to be on edge.

For me, I enjoy change. I crave the newness and discomfort in learning and experiencing different things. An incessant curiosity drives me to explore, to ask why, and to remain open. The downside of chasing change is that I become restless when I feel like I am stuck in a routine. But, when I DO feel that way, I ‘change things up’!


As scary and uncomfortable as change can be, it’s still a sure bet. Your mind changes. Your body ages. Experiences mold you in one way or another. If you find yourself dreading and avoiding change, it might help to understand that change is constant. You will be faced with it, so you might as well learn to look at it as a good thing!

3 Reasons to Welcome Change

1. Growth

To change is to grow. When you are immersed in a new situation or find yourself surrounded by different people with different views, you are challenged to react and interact accordingly. Through experience and conversation, you stumble into learning new skills, failing gloriously, or broadening your perspective.

Change pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone. It forces you to face how you operate, what you believe, and what your stand for. It helps you understand your capabilities and what type of person you are.

Instead of standing still on the conveyor belt of societal norms and expectations, you walk confidently to the beat of your own drums.

2. Live Your Best Life

If you want to better your life, you must change. To be better means to improve beyond the status quo. From smaller decisions, like saving money by bringing your lunch to work, or bigger decisions, such as turning an unexpected job loss into an opportunity to expand your own skills for a more fulfilling or higher paying position, these decisions and subsequent changes help you to create the life you want.

While unexpected change can throw you for a loop, how you respond helps to create a more positive life. You cannot change the things beyond your control, but you can definitely change how you feel about them. Life is better when you learn how to roll with the punches.

3. Discover Your Drive

What do you wake up for each day? What gets you pumped up for whatever you have to face? If you don’t have an answer, it’s time for a change! Even if you DO have an answer, who is to say you can’t change your reason or have multiple reasons?

Life gets boring without a little passion. Why not take on an incredible adventure and push yourself beyond your known limits? Change encourages you to try new things and experience different opportunities. Tune into yourself to discover what gets you excited about life.

When you find your drive, you radiate energy and find purpose in your goals and your day-to-day.

Your Mindset Is Everything

Do not let your mind poison a healthy life. If you fear failure and obsess over your failures, you will FEEL like a failure. If you resist and fear change, you will not let yourself bask in the goodness of what change can bring.

You have this one life. One decision can change everything. How wild is that?

Here’s to chasing change and loving life!

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