Why We Choose Financial Freedom

Why We Choose Financial Freedom

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People seek financial freedom for all kinds of reasons. They aren’t always the same and can have varying levels of meaning and impact. Financial freedom can allow for:

  • Early retirement
  • Long-term travel
  • Providing for others
  • Personal advancement
  • Material acquisition

Whether you are aiming to retire early or wish to amass homes all over the world, the end game is that you would have the ability to actually do what you want.

Society tells us it’s normal to be buried in debt, living a life you can barely afford, and working away most of your days. Short of harming yourself, others, or property, we believe you have the right to choose how you want to experience life. For some, a life of work is freedom. For others, it may be establishing multi-generational wealth. Brian and I are choosing to be financially free because we want to live life on our own terms.

What Inspires Our Commitment to Financial Freedom:

Financial Stability and Peace of Mind

We can breathe easier knowing that if an emergency finds its way to us, we won’t have to stress out too much about its financial implications. We have also prepared ourselves for the possibility of job loss, health issues, etc. Life throws you curve balls. It doesn’t hurt to be ahead of the game!

Being Present in Life’s Moments

I personally keep this inspiration near and dear to my heart. Life is short. It occurred to me that people tend to drop everything to be there for the tragedies in life, but not so much during life’s great moments. It’s become important to us to be present in those big moments – good or bad. These are the moments that build connection, memories, and heart.

Financial Flexibility

Brian and I say NO, so we can say YES later down the road.  We use Big Picture Budgeting to keep financial goals and flexible spending in check.  We hold off on certain events, things, and other costs, because we want to be flexible enough to enjoy big moments and experiences in life. If a once-in-a-lifetime trip or opportunity presents itself, we want to be able to go for it!

Measurable Achievements

It is exciting and motivating to see our savings and investments grow.

Personal Development

What is life without continuous learning? I would find it incredibly dull. Financial freedom grants the opportunity for further education. Through formal institutions, courses, or a little DIY route, it’s important to expand your skill set, sharpen your mind, and discover new roads.

Intentional Living

Brian and I are not interested in a life of obligation. We like to do what we want to do. If we want a lazy day of Netflix, we will do it. If we prefer to spend our weekend traveling, we’ll happily hit the road. A 15-hour work day? Eh, it happens, but we are lucky to be working! Whatever we’re doing, we want to be present and intentional in our choices.


Last, but not least, one of our favorite inspirations behind a financially free lifestyle is the ability to travel. I am not talking about a regular two-week annual vacation one may receive through a traditional job. No. I am talking about spur-of-the-moment, gone for two or three weeks at a time, whenever, wherever travel. I have loved travel since I was little and now Brian and I share this love of exploration together.

A couple of years ago, we happened upon some vlogs created by Kara & Nate, a married couple who travel-hacked and saved enough money to travel full-time for a year. They eventually turned their YouTube channel into a full-time job and are still traveling full-time. We have loved living vicariously through them and their adventures!

Brian and I have a soft spot for travel…we love to explore different foods, cultures, and ways of life. Financial freedom has allowed for us to start traveling more frequently. In the next two years, we plan on traveling to 7 different countries, all of which we have never visited. We can’t wait to experience the adventures ahead!

What inspires your financial freedom journey?

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